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Done integration Shopify to CardPay payment gateway (Cyprus)

Used Shopify Hosted Payments SDK.

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New payment gateway for Shopify in Brasil – EBANX

Just created new integration TM:EBANX. Integration works for Shopify stores in Brasil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru. Possible payments not only by credit and debit cards, but Boleto in Brasil, OXXO in Mexico and other country specific payments. Why TM:EBANX solution is better then EBANX: order status updated on success or failure payment possible refunds from…

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Coingate payment gatepay for Shopify

New payment gateway for Shopify – CoinGate

Just created the Bridge between Shopify and Coingate. CoinGate is another way for Shopify to get payments in BitCoin (BTC) or any of 50 AltCoins: BitCoin Etherium LiteCoin Dash FirstBlood Aragon Basic Attention Token Bancor Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Gold Blackcoin Civic Clams Decred Digibyte district0x Dogecoin Edgeless EOS Ether Classic Factoids GameCredits Gnosis Golem Matchpool…

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