Расширение конфигурации Shopify для 1С

Shopify configuration extension for 1C

Integration exchange between 1C and Shopify is created as a "Shopify" subsystem. It is connected to 1C in the form of a configuration extension.

To make this configuration extension work, a version of the 1C platform no lower than 8.3 and configuration compatibility mode of no lower than 8.3.5 must be enabled.

Functions Shopify:

  1. Data transfer from Shopify to 1C:
    • Upload Orders
    • Offloading Customers
  2. Transferring data from 1C to Shopify
    • Offload Remaining Quantities
    • Price Download
  3. Shopify subsystem in 1C
    • Automatic data exchange on schedule
    • Automatic creation of orders, sales, invoices