Честный знак и Shopify

Honest Sign and Shopify

In accordance with Federal Law 487-FZ, online checks must be marked "Fair mark" for each product with mandatory labeling.

1C-Shopify-Robokassa integration has been created for the transfer of marking.

Data transfer scheme:

  1. A customer completes a purchase on a Shopify store
  2. When paying by card, an online prepayment receipt is automatically generated
  3. Order is transferred from Shopify to 1C
  4. In 1C, a shipment is generated and the "Honest Mark" label is generated
  5. Marking from 1C is transferred to Shopify and recorded in the Shopify order
  6. Processing shipment to Shopify
  7. The "Fair Mark" mark will be automatically transmitted with the closing online check