Как работать Shopify интернет-магазину в России с 01.07.17

How to work Shopify online store in Russia from 07/01/17

A new law comes into force on 07/01/17 on the use of online cash registers:

  1. the online store after each sale must send an electronic cash receipt to the tax
  2. must conclude an agreement with fiscal data organization (OFD), which will process electronic checks
  3. cash register will have to either buy or rent

If everything is clear with the purchase of a cash register for 20 thousand, then the service of renting a cash register is new.

Cash register company Athol certified checkout for online stores. A cloud rental service will be launched in May. Additionally, you will need to purchase a fiscal drive for 6 thousand rubles, register it with the Federal Tax Service and connect Shopify to AtolOnline.

How the validity period of the fiscal accumulator depends on the company's taxation system:

You must use the FN for 13 or 15 months if you are on the general taxation system.

Only FN for 36 months is suitable for you if you:
- provide services;
- use special tax regimes (USN, UTII, ESHN, patent).

Both options are suitable for you if:
- you work on special regimes (USN, UTII or ESHN), but seasonally;
- you sell excisable goods;
— you combine OSN and special mode;
- your cash register works offline.

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You can get more information about how Shopify works with Yandex:Checkout at blog pages Yandex.

P.S. Yandex is registered as a Fiscal Data Operator — FTS letter.

P.P.S. Yandex reportedthat it is possible to automatically transfer sales data to the cash register through the service Atol:Online