Интеграция Shopify с платежным шлюзом Тинькофф

Shopify integration with Tinkoff payment gateway

You need connect Tinkoff to Shopify? We have a solution!

Integration with the payment gateway has been developed Tinkoff using Shopify Hosted Payment SDK .

To connect the gateway, you need conclude an agreement with Tinkoff bank , install the Shopify application for the payment gateway and enter the received settings.

To test the operation of the gateway, you can use the data test cards .

To get started you need:

  1. and connect to the gateway.
  2. Install in the Shopify store application for connecting to a payment gateway (request a link to install the application at dev@trademinister.de )
  3. Install to Shopify store payment gateway Pay by Credit or Debit cards (T) (gateway installation is launched from the application)
  4. Request Gateway Activation at dev@trademinister.de .
  5. Make settings in your personal account Tinkoff .

Customization features:

  1. Setting in Tinkoff's personal account
    Notification URL: https://tinkoff.appstarts.ru/callback
    Successful payment URL: https://tinkoff.appstarts.ru/success
    Payment error URL: https://tinkoff.appstarts.ru/fail
     Setting up Tinkoff payment gateway: test terminal
     Configuring Tinkoff payment gateway for Shopify
  2. Customizing the Tinkoff: Control Panel app in Shopify
     Configuring the Tinkoff app for Shopify
  3. Configuring Shopify Payment Gateway  Configuring Tinkoff payment gateway for Shopify