- рекомендательный сервис по подбору размера обуви для Shopify - shoe sizing recommendation service for Shopify

Shoe returns due to a size that doesn't fit properly are hindering the development of online sales. The creator of the startup Shoegle has developed a device that allows you to get more accurate measurements than the size indicated on the box.

How it works

The measurer, an employee of a company or a store, reads the article of a shoe model with a scanner and then puts a device inside it that resembles a mechanical foot. Its parts begin to expand in the right directions, measuring length, width, fullness of the foot, instep, softness of the insole, etc. Some parameters, such as the presence of laces, the measurer indicates manually. When he finishes measuring, he presses a button on his smartphone and the data goes to the cloud, where it is processed and entered into the database. Online retailers integrate a "Check Size" widget on the site. When a customer chooses a model, they enter data: gender, size, type of foot - regular, full or narrow. The system calculates the length and girth of the foot and selects models. If desired, a person can measure the length and girth on their own and make adjustments.