Why isn't it allowed to edit the meta keywords field in Shopify?

I regularly see online store owners asking whether it is possible to edit the "keywords" meta field. Why doesn't Shopify provide for editing this field? Do I need keywords?

The answer is: the keywords meta tag can be edited, but only using the Shopify App Store, such as the Meta-Tagger Shopify SEO app, or changing the template by adding the keywords meta tag generation.

But the real reason why you can't edit the keywords meta tag is because search engines don't take this field into account in their searches.

The head of Google's anti-spam department,  Matt Cutts, broke  the news a few years ago.

Russian search engines do not clearly indicate whether or not the keywords meta tag is used. For example, Yandex says in its rules that the content of the keywords field can be used. But you can also say that the content of this field may not be used.

What steps must be taken to perform SEO-optimization? You need to focus on the Title and Description fields of the store products, the quality content of the <h1> tag and the alt attributes of images.